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Customer Relationship Management and Employees Location Tracking

Customer Relationship Management and Employees Location Tracking
Customer Relationship Management and Employees Location Tracking


Client is a one of the best fluid oil and fiber distributor for textile industries in India with their product supply ranges from fibers, synthetic oil, thermic fluid oil, hydrogen peroxide, etc.,


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Client is a product distribution company faces issues in managing and streamlining their activities with the customer and their marketing executive’s productivity is not up to their expectation due to poor scheduling of tasks and customer place visits. Also, they don’t have proper reporting system to track the progress of the executives. The client employed Quedyon to overturn their productivity issue by involving digital technologies in their business activities.


Digital Transformation experts at Quedyon developed a web application to suit the customized client needs. We developed various state-of-art features to simplify the difficulties faced in managing their printing company. We digitally transformed their business process right from the job order to delivery and invoice. Functionalities developed by Quedyon includes,

  •   Sales lead management.
  •   Quotation management.
  •   Employee’s activities management and remainders for meeting, follow up, phone calls remainder, emails, etc.,
  •   GPS tracking for employee monitoring and field visit assignment.
  •   Employee travel distance calculation based on GPS data.
  •   Employee field visit monitoring and attendance entry with Geo-Fencing.
  •   Marketing campaign management and assessment.
  •   Opportunities tracking for revenue estimate.
  •   Team management and communication.
  •   Marketing reports and assessment.
Customer Relationship Management and Employees Location Tracking


Client was excited and happy to work with the developed application as it solved their mystery to increase employees’ productivity and maintain better customer relationship. Some of the key impact for the client includes,

  •   Helps in maintaining better relationship and activities with their customers.
  •   Activities and task management helps the employees to follow up with the client at right time.
  •   Team communication assists in helping the employees among each other.
  •   GPS based employee monitoring guides in tracking field executives and helps in proper field assignment with increase in their productivity by 3 times. Also, helps in identifying false field visit report provided by field executives.
  •   Marketing data analysis helps in planning better marketing strategies and increased revenue.



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