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Human Resource Management and Accounts Management for a Research Consultancy Firm

Human Resource Management and Accounts Management
Human Resource Management and Accounts Management


Client is an exclusive research consultancy company doing consulting for researchers to come up with innovative ideas.



Solutions Delivered


Client faces issues in managing their human resources and scheduling of work is improper which leads to productivity loss. Client wanted to develop a custom human resource management application based on their work flow process and accounts management system for better management of customer accounts.


Quedyon worked closely with the client to study the process flow and human resource allocation mechanism and developed a simplified and custom application for the research consultancy firm to manage their human resources. Features developed includes,

  •   Human resource and their skill set management.
  •   Research works management and process flow definition for the research work.
  •   Mapping the skill-set of employees with the work and assign the task based on the priority and availability of resource.
  •   Tracking progress of work.
  •   Human resource work report and analysis for performance evaluation.
  •   All customer accounts in one place. Easy to generate reports and keep track of pending payments with automatic notifications.
Human Resource Management and Accounts Management


Client was happy to see the outcome of application and their difficulties in managing their human resources and accounts are solved with perfection. Some of the impact created by the application includes,

  •   Easy to manage their research consulting company.
  •   With the advantage of better management of tasks, they can be able to handle more research works than before resulting in increased revenue.
  •   Improved customer satisfaction because of up to date information about their progress in research work.
  •   Human resource performance report helps in better evaluation of their human resources and task allocation.
  •   Easy management of accounts.



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