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Inventory and Accounts Management for Prominent Manufacturer and Supplier of Food Processing Machines

Inventory and Accounts Management
Inventory and Accounts Management


Client is counted among the most prominent manufacturers, suppliers, traders, retailers, importer & service provider of optimum quality Food Processing Machines.


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Client is one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of food processing machines with more than 100 products and 250 clients. It becomes difficult to manage their sales orders and accounts without proper system. With their wide range of products manufacturing, stock management is not an easy task. They are in need of an application to streamline their sales activities and inventory management.


Quedyon worked closely with the client to develop web application and mobile application to digitally transform their sales process, inventory and account management. We developed easy to use and attractive user interface with rich functions that helped the client to sell their products in better ways. Functions developed includes,

  •   Quotation and sales order management.
  •   Package, shipping and delivery management with delivery note attachment.
  •   Invoice and customer payments management.
  •   Contact and credit management for customers.
  •   Products management with group products feature.
  •   Purchase order with previous purchase price mapping.
  •   Bills, expenses and payment management.
  •   Inventory management with stock adjustment.
  •   Multiple companies billing to manage their group of companies in single application.
  •   Android mobile application for easy and anywhere access.
  •   Product sales and stock report to study the customer’s purchase behaviours and needs. Helps in product development.
  •   Customer credit and debit report for simplified customer accounts.
Inventory and Accounts Management


Quedyon helped the client in transforming their business activities with simple to use web application and mobile application. Key impact observed by the client includes,

  •   Helped them easily manage and track the customer sales orders and also relax them from keeping up bunch of documents belonging to customer sales.
  •   Easy to manage delivery packages with shipping and tracking.
  •   All customer accounts in one place. Easy to generate reports and keep track of pending payments with automatic notifications.
  •   Helps in tracking and analyzing the products in their inventory which assist in better planning for product manufacturing based on demand.
  •   Inventory adjustment helps in tracking the changes in their inventory.



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