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Printing Press Process Flow and Employee Management

Printing Press Process Flow and Employee Management
Printing Press Process Flow and Employee Management


Client is a leading printing solution provider in south India since 1989 with their work ranges from designing, printing and promotions.


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With the large number of customers, employees and printing tasks, the client faces difficulties in managing their job orders and streamlines the printing process. They want to digitally transform their business process with a system for managing their customers, job orders, employee management for task allocation and streamline their printing process.


Digital Transformation experts at Quedyon developed a web application to suit the customized client needs. We developed various state-of-art features to simplify the difficulties faced in managing their printing company. We digitally transformed their business process right from the job order to delivery and invoice. Functionalities developed by Quedyon includes,

  •   Customer registry and order management.
  •   Job process streamlining and status tracking.
  •   Outsourcing vendor management and order management.
  •   Employee management with work allocation based on their job profile & time table of tasks and employee performance evaluation.
  •   Job template registry for repeated job orders.
  •   Accounts management: quotation, job order, invoice and payment registry.
  •   Reports for employee performance, job orders and accounts.
Printing Press Process Flow and Employee Management


Quedyon helped the client to digitally transform their printing company and helped in achieving the following key benefits,

  •   Running the printing company becomes easy.
  •   Increased revenue and job orders by improving their ability to easily manage any number of jobs.
  •   Improves customer satisfaction with ease of tracking their job orders and status.
  •   Increased speed of job completion and delivering by managing and assigning tasks to the employee in simplified ways.
  •   Simplified accounts.



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